Best Complete Digital Marketing Training

course_main_image Complete Digital Marketing




Minimum Qualification

BE or equivalent


2 Months

Course Description

Duration : 4 sections of total 20 Minutes over 3 months

Market your clients brands like a pro. Digital marketing has become the key tool for all companies. Digital Marketing Pros are in high demand presently for the foreseeable future.

The course involves selecting a popular domain such as jewellery or fashion and learning to create a social media presence for the brand. We learn tool and techniques to create posts and generate interest for the posts. We then learn about paid campaigns on different platforms. We then move on learning about SEO on a typical website. We also learn about Google Adwords and Analytics. Finally we combine the knowledge into a full fledged project.

Session 1: None (5 Minutes)

  • Social Media software for designing, video, animation, using royalty free images and videos, social media sharing to Facebook groups and pages etc. Graphic Designing, Video Creation, Editing and Animation software training. Use of Google Forms for inquiries, Google local marketing and maps.

Session 2: None (5 Minutes)

  • Creating FREE/PAID website/blog with Wix/Blogger. Basic SEO for websites/blogs and how to make optimum use of Google Adwords and FB ads for lead generation.

Session 3: None (5 Minutes)

  • Content Writing, Using Keywords in Blogs and Videos, SEO for blogs using Directory Submission, Pinging services, SEO audit for websites. Use of website analytics for getting leads.

Session 4: None (5 Minutes)

  • Database Generation with LinkedIn, Facebook and Email Extractor and Email Marketing Software. Simple Google Tips and Tricks, Useful Websites and Links, Free/Paid Online Programs for marketing use and Revision of all services.