Best Python Django Premium Training

course_main_image Python Django Premium


Rupesh Saini



Minimum Qualification

BE or equivalent


3 Months

Course Description

The Django web framework has many features that makes for very fast development.

This course helps students augment their knowledge of Python with Django, which is a web framework with advanced business tools. We assume basic  knowledge of either Python or Django.

We start with basic python concepts that form the basis of python. We learn about MVVM pattern as well as how an ORM works. We then move on to modelling the requirements of an application. During the course we will be developing an entire application and learn concepts such as migrations, authentication system, and much more.We then move on to learning the templating engine and admin features of Django. We also learn advanced topics such as custom permissions, token based authentication, Amazon S3 media handling and other such concepts. We look at all aspects of creating business applications

For the premium course, we then look at Django Rest Framework(DRF) and build an API based backend. We build an example UI to use this API so the students can see concepts on both sides i.e. Front end as well as the backend. We learn how data is transferred between them and how to implement advanced serialization techniques. After completion of this course, the students can build entire web applications backends in template as well as API modes. Additionally, the student will have a portfolio of 2-3 applications to prove their knowledge of this platform

Bonus: We will also look at Oscar, an e-commerce platform based in Django.