Current Programming Language Trends

Global IT industry has always fast moving changes. This is also the case recently. With the advent of Social Media , Mobility , Analytics trio the demand of programming languages to evolve has increased. With main streaming of technologies like AI and IOT, this demand will only increase further..

Traditional languages such as Java and PHP are becoming more and more constraint to satisfy these needs. The mantel has been taken up by languages such as Python(with Django as its web framework) and even languages as Dart, which has been developed as main langauge for Flutter.

Even in India, more and more postions are opening for these languages as companies try to stay with the trends. Consequently, these languages are becoming popular with the student and training communities.'s training programs are designed in keeping these trends in mind as our main purpose is to make sure the students are equipped as soon as they complete the courses. Even creating a few applications hands-on should be a great way to kick start your careers in these platforms.

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Story of a typical "fresher"

Pratham recently passed out his BE in computer science. He was looking for a job. After graduation, he directly applied for quite a lot of jobs. He had good bookish knowledge and backed it up with a degree from a premium institute. He put all efforts for his interviews. But success somehow eluded him.

Let’s discuss the potential reasons behind this.

Low academic marks? Low self confidence of technical knowledge? Poor interviews skills

The answer is all the above.

There are certain characteristics of unsuccessful students that can be seen:

  • Students neglect to create portfolio of their work and end up putting only their College project in their c.v.’s. On top of that the college project is done with 4-5 class mates, which further reduces the students’ contribution.

  • Students also don’t take advantage of coding challenges being hosted by companies such as Amazon. These platforms provide students a sense of accomplishment.

  • Many students also end up with some well known classes but are not able to improve as many of these classes are a continuation of college education.

  • Interviewers are not only looking for technical skills but also look for skills which will help in organisational initiatives and brand building.

So what is the solution?

The solution lies in the adage that “Practice makes perfect”. If a program is geared to making the students code more and more, every student can potentially get the skill to improve the coding as well as logical thinking skills. We are going to talk more about this approach in future blogs. Stay tuned.

Top Qualities recruiters look for

There is lot of misconception , especially in IT students that Recruiters are bothered only about the technical skills. While it was true to a certain extent when the IT market was booming an candidates were loaded with multiple offers. Now, in the sluggish market, the recruiters have lot of choices between candidates.

In this scenario, qualities such as profressionalism, diligance and loyalty play a increasing role in determining the choice of candidates. Inquisitiveness is another valued skill.

Even technially, companies are looking for candidates who show flexible attitutes to learning new skills and tools. It is important not only to learn these skills but also to add to the knowledge base. A good percentage of the development time of good programmers is spent on thinking logically about the application modules and coming up with an implementation plan. It is also important to follow certain principles to write "good" code. We will tackacle these principles in another blog in the future. Keep an eye out for it.

Developing these skills is not easy and takes time. But with diligent work ethics, they can be developed by almost every one. firmly believe in these ethics and we try and inculcate these in our students. Diligently following the assignments and coding challenges at home helps to a great deal.