Why Django could be your ticket to a great Job


What is Django?

Django (https://www.djangoproject.com/) is am open source web platform based on the Python language. It has many features can help developers do very fast development times and help their clients reach the market earlier. Some of the features of Django are:

  • It provides a great modeling platform for systems with any complexity.
  • It is an ORM language. This means that it handles all operations of the database automatically without the developer writing any code to do it. At the same time, it allows the developer to interact with the database if there arises a need..
  • It has a great automatic Admin system. Developers only have to configure it and add their models on the Admin.
  • It has a great templating system. This allows developers to integrate the backend logic into the templates to create a great UI. This allows the front end devlopers to first create the UI in their familiar HTML/CSS/JQuery platform. Later the backend developers can integrate the backend logic(for loops, if conditions and more) into the template.
  • It provides a great modeling platform for systems with any complexity.

As we can see above Django provided a complete web developing experience on its own. Additionally, Django Applications can also be developed in a REST mode using Django Rest Framework(DRF - https://www.django-rest-framework.org/ ). In this mode, the output is a set of URLS that can allow any Frontend system to interact with the Django Application. The Front-End can be a web application, a desktop based application or even a mobile App.

In Summary, any developer looking to learn a new tool can explore Django. At legofi, we provide a complete course in two modes in Django. You can see the details here.