Top Qualities recruiters look for

Nov. 4, 2020

There is lot of misconception , especially in IT students that Recruiters are bothered only about the technical skills. While it was true to a certain extent when the IT market was booming an candidates were loaded with multiple offers. Now, in the sluggish market, the recruiters have lot of choices between candidates.

In this scenario, qualities such as profressionalism, diligance and loyalty play a increasing role in determining the choice of candidates. Inquisitiveness is another valued skill.

Even technially, companies are looking for candidates who show flexible attitutes to learning new skills and tools. It is important not only to learn these skills but also to add to the knowledge base. A good percentage of the development time of good programmers is spent on thinking logically about the application modules and coming up with an implementation plan. It is also important to follow certain principles to write "good" code. We will tackacle these principles in another blog in the future. Keep an eye out for it.

Developing these skills is not easy and takes time. But with diligent work ethics, they can be developed by almost every one. firmly believe in these ethics and we try and inculcate these in our students. Diligently following the assignments and coding challenges at home helps to a great deal.