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Python developer jobs for freshers

Learning python has gone popular. If you haven’t noticed, hundreds of todays most successful tech companies are using python, including Instagram, Netflix, Reddit, Google, Spotify etc. Python presents a number of clear paths to find meaningful work. While some of these jobs may seem obvious – like becoming a python developer – other careers where knowing python is an asset are more unexpected.

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Labour Pains

Recently, there was news of one of India's biggest IT companies letting go of some business. The reason quoted is that they could not find enough developers to hire. This underlines one of the most poignant problems facing the India IT industry. The problem has always been there and companies normally overcome this by over-hiring. Once the project requirements are satisfied, they start letting go some of this additional staff. This causes multiple problems for both the company as well the employees:

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Python vs Java, which is better for future?

Choosing between Python and Java is often a difficult task. Are you also facing this problem? This article is a one-stop for a list of features that you should consider when deciding between Python and Java.  Both languages do their jobs well, but some minute features differentiate them.

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