Selection of our industry focussed courses

Core Python


Rupesh Saini



Minimum Qualification

BE or equivalent


120 Hours

Course Description

This course helps students augment their knowledge of Python with Django, which is a web framework with advanced business tools. We assume no previous knowledge of either Python or Django.

During the course we learn all the concepts starting with writing basic programs to calculate to using complex libraries such as Numpy, Beautiful Soup, Pandas and more. We will also learn some of the feature of the language that make it a versatile platform. Along the way, we learn important programming concepts such as modeling, inheritance, functional programming, code optimization techniques , modular testing and much more. We will also learn how to deploy programs and application on cloud servers and touch upon configuring web-servers for python.

After completing this program, the student will be able to code complete modules as well as applications. We will be developing these applications in class as well as part of the assignments.