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About us

Our Vision

We firmly believe that with good guidance and process, the gap that exists between the resource requirements of a company and the skills of the candidates can be overcome. Additionally, we also believe in inherent qualities of a good employee which are sincerity, inquisitiveness and a thirst for knowledge. All our course contents, level of the trainers as well as day to day methodology of the courses logically result in fulfilling our vision. All our founders and employees imbibe this passionately. We believe we are imparting these same ethics to all our students, who can build on these skills and have a successful career.

Our Training Methodology


Our experience in developing software helped us to see the core problems of the industry both from the perspective of companies as well the candidates/students. Some of these problems result from rigid college curriculums, student attitudinal problems and a lack of practice. The industry is not able to select the students directly from college since they see a big investment in (retraining) these students. Especially startups are not able to bear these expenses. Even if they can, they are nervous that the employees may leave them as soon as the training is done resulting in direct loss in money as well as time spent of critical resources.

Looking at these problems closely, we designed our training programs to alleviate these core concerns. From Day 1, students are required to code. Based on our research, we found that students get motivated if they are included as a group with their peers and also if a close attention is paid by the trainer. By the end of the course, the students will have developed 2-3 whole applications which they can improve further and this can be their portfolio to prove to companies of their work. Additionally, we provide a month extra so all the students can be prepared for interviews both technically as well professionally.